Friday night at the Gay Spirit Visions Fall Conference 2004 was a festive dance.
We all got up in various kinds of costumes. A marvelous evening. Here are some photos of us.

toby in dervish skirt toby & kip dancing flagging
Toby in dervish skirt Toby & Kip dancing Kip with a couple of other guys
 flagging with florescent flags.

Read Toby's article about the virtue of showing your body
Curious Bodies

Saturday night was a wonderful talent show.
Again costumes were in order.

Kip Dollar Opal           in costume             promenade
Here's Kip as Opal

The Opening Promenade
Note: Patrick McNamara, organizer of the Gay Spirituality Summit is in the white shift
We ALL had a great time
Gay men can be so light-hearted. It's quite refreshing in a world that is too deadly serious.
(Men who can put on dresses are much less likely to go to war or despoil the Earth, I hypothesize!)